Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers and Children's Books

I meant to post this several weeks ago. Here's what I have learned about blogging, though. Work comes first. This has been a busy time for me. I'm working on a new book. A huge undertaking. More about that in the coming months. And then there's a new knitting essay, Knitting for Soldiers, which will appear in this weeks Lion Brand Yarn Company Newsletter. On my needles at the moment is a hat for the Ships Project. Also the cardigan from the Mason Dixon Knitters, Knitting Outside the Lines.

Back to the the post I had intended for weeks ago. And children's books. My friend and great supporter, Natalie Blitt, has a blog, Reading Kids are Dreaming Kids. And her last post about my book, Alef-Bet.

Writing and illustrating books can be a lonely buissness. And there's a long wait between when a book is finished and when it comes out in print. I know it may sound a bit trite and over used, but a great review, or any acknowledgment of a book, always means a lot to me.Thank you, Natalie.


  1. Oh Michelle, I so know what you mean about blogging. I started of with high hope of doing it regularly, but it always gets pushed back because of work. That's a good thing though! And there is nothing like a good review to perk us up! Congratulations! And so wonderful that it is back in print!

  2. Even when it's simple, it can sometimes be just one more thing to do. I'm trying to make my life about what i want to do, so i am going to post only when the spirit moves me! How's argula?