Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Post

February 5, 2009

Greetings from Iowa City, Iowa. This first blog entry is done from my very cold studio on a sunny winter's day.

How are you? Fine, I hope. That's how I learned to write a friendly letter. From Mrs. McGraw, my seventh grade teacher at School 18. She was tall, white haired, large chested woman. When she wrote at the blackboard, she always kept one had behind her back. She was the model for Mrs. Fennessy (my 4th grade teacher) in my Jackson Friends Books. And as hard as I have tried to upload an image of her. Can't quite bridge the technology gap. So if you are dying to see Mrs. Fennessy/McGraw, scoot down to the next post.

For knitting readers; FYI. I have just finished my Valentines Day essay for Lion Brand. It should run in Friday's newsletter.

So long for now.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Glad you did this! I am getting ready to launch my own too- it just seems a friendly format that I can actually manage.

    I nearly called you for a walk today, but then got bogged down in cutting scratchboard to size (an oddly arduous thing). I went on my own walk through HH yesterday- for the first time in weeks it seems- and was greatly refreshed.

    Mrs. McGraw sounds like a Force- we all need them, and hopefully, we have them a time or two in our educational journeys. I'll be checking in-
    on your blog-